Stefano Rotesi

C.E.O. and Founder and Chief Designer


After studying architecture and design at the university – a spontaneous choice with his classical education and passion for art, literature and philosophy – he worked for years with important architectural firms, thus growing his original creative and conceptual path that materialised in the establishment and opening of “Aeon Studio Firenze” in 2012.
He has always been a supporter of functional design and has always sought the balance of shapes and spaces. Just like his biggest reference Rem Koolhaas, he often draws inspiration from movies and travel, in an attempt to reconcile new relationships and new paths between the external space that contains us, which is perpetually in conflict with our inner and spiritual world. An attempt that would be, in his view, the only possible way to overcome and rebalance modernity, which dominates and powerfully invades our time.

Maddalena Branchi

Senior Architect and Chief Designer


Maddalena Branchi, born in Florence, in 2015 she graduated in Architecture at the Faculty of Florence and specializes in 2018 in Architectural and Landscape Heritage.

She has worked in various architectural firms, devoting herself to interior design and cultivating her passion for concept design.

Since 2017 she is part of the Aeon studio team.